Current Gallery Exhibition:

Newest Works 2015, Yountville (Napa Valley), California

Janet's latest collection is on display in the Art Gallery at Cornerstone Cellars Winery, Yountville (Napa Valley), California. This exhibit features fifteen of her newest paintings.  Janet was in residence at the winery's Art Gallery on April 11, 2015 as part of the City of Yountville's annual Sip 'n Stroll festival. Janet  guided visitors through her exhibit and discussed her unique technique and her mastery of oil pastel in addition to working on her latest work-in-progress, so all visitors were able to personally interact with the artist. Many old and new friends joined Janet for this debut. Her new paintings are more brilliant, bold and unique than any pieces she has done to date and are a true art lover's once in a lifetime experience.  We hope you will come by the tasting room to see Janet's latest exhibit -- her artwork will be on display for the remainder of the summer.  Please visit any time. 

To purchase any of Janet's paintings, please call Janet at 541-406-0432 or the winery at 707-945-0388.


Below is a video of Janet's previous exhibition held in December 2011 and January 2012 at the gallery, Art on the Boulevard, Vancouver, Washington.



Below is a video of Janet's television segment which was aired on Oregon Public Television in February 2011.


Current Gallery Exhibitions:

Cornerstone Cellars, Winery Gallery, located at 6505 Washington St., Yountville (Napa Valley) California. Telephone Number: 707-945-0388


 Click here to visit Janet's Gallery and see a collection of her works.

Artist Janet Ekholm is a rising star on the West Coast art scene.  Her bold colors and the unique serenity in her work are very familiar to art lovers across the country.  Janet was featured on Oregon Public Television's Oregon Art Beat on February 3, 2011.  Please use the link above if you wish to go to OPB's website to view her segment of the Oregon Art Beat program. 

 Janet studied art history in France in the 1970’s and immersed herself in Impressionism and the other great periods of French art. In the 1980’s she lived in Istanbul, Turkey, and the influence of Turkish folklore and the cultural influence of Anatolia can be seen in her work today. First working with colored pencil drawings, her style moved to the warm, rich pastel works in this collection. These oil pastels allow her to use earthy, intense colors to reveal the spirit of our surroundings and the beauty she sees in life. 

Janet says, “I love painting the human figure, especially the female figure. I want to celebrate the inner strength and grace of women, surrounded by the things that matter to them….the simple pleasures of the home and the beauty of nature. I hope my paintings help to elevate the spirit of the viewer, induce harmony, and a sense of peace.” 



 The Art of Janet Ekholm on Vimeo.